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Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.

Anthony Bourdain

Kico’s is not an overnight sensation. We have three generations of Santa Maria style barbecue backing our experience. My grandfather, Frank “Kico” Torres, was born in Santa Maria, California. where the oak pit style of barbecue was born. Barbecue came out of necessity to feed his large family of 14 children.  He would purchase farm raised cattle to be butchered and grilled to feed his family on a budget. Later, Kico opened a catering business in Bakersfield, California, also called “Kico’s Barbecue.” He eventually retired from this business, but the barbecue never stopped. Kico passed down his barbeque techniques and recipes to the next generations of the family. Still today, on any given day of the week, you can find someone having a barbecue.

When people say I was born into barbecue they aren’t lying.

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